QB or QX listing consulting

QB or QX listing consulting

We will Consult with you to obtain a comprehensive list of due diligence items necessary for our business analysts to effectively write an S-1 registration statement, collect audits prior to file submission, Obtain a CUSIP number and we will ask you to choose up to three (3) ticker symbols of choice for your company to trade on the OTC markets.

Once you have signed off on the S-1 registration statement and the file is ready for submission for the first time, we will have the file converted into XBRL and submitted to the SEC for review. The SEC usually respond within 2-4 weeks with any necessary comments.
When we receive comments from the SEC, we shall (within 24 hours) consult with you and your appointed counsel to satisfy those comments and re-submit the form until there is a declared effective registration.

We shall make the following introductions to: three Stock transfer agent firms, three securities attorneys (for the purposes of reviewing documents and providing legal opinions) & three CPA firms (for the purposes of obtaining audited financial statements prior to S-1 filing).

We shall also assist with finding a minimum of three market makers to post a 15(c)211 form with the OTC compliance unit at finra for the purposes of making a market for your Companies securities on the OTC markets.

Fees : $35,000.00

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