• June 10, 2022 5:14 am

”Prior operating company had death in family that led to the company not being able to operate wells. Lease expired and wells are going on orphan well list. Prior operator is needing someone to take over the wells and sign new lease so they can get their P5 back deposit back. There is 3-4 feet of oil in one of the tanks already, just need to get power turned on and turn the 3 shallow wells back on. Ready to produce!

10 well lease in Stephens County Texas
7-shallow wells total.
3-shallow wells ready to run.
1-shallow well is injection well. (On a vacuum)
3-deep wells with uncompleted zones behind pipe.

Lease makes about 0.75 bopd with the 3 shallow wells running. The 3 deep wells have behind pipe zones that haven’t been completed, we have engineer recommendations for completions.

Battery has..
3-210 bbl oil tanks
1-100 bbl fiberglass tank
1-Duplex injection pump.
1-Vacuum pump.
1-Horizontal 2 phase separator
1-Vertical 2 phase separator
1- 1.25″” Insert Rod Pump (New on shelf @ pump shop)

There are 2 pump jacks sitting on lease that are not being used and 4000 feet of 2.375” tubing as well steel rods.”


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