• June 9, 2022 4:45 pm

”The Whiting 1-36D-HD1 was drilled as an exploratory Niagaran Reef test and encountered 275 feet of oil and gas shows.
The objective of the Whiting HD1 well was to drill into a virgin reef with a horizontal wellbore. We knew the oil/water contact based on the Whiting 1-35B well, and felt we had an excellent opportunity to make a well. The wellbore was drilled to an anomaly on the N/S seismic line FDL-193.
Shortly after drilling into the A1-Carbonate, we encountered anhydrite stringers (Rabbit Ears) which are a near reef indicator. It was believed we were within 50 feet of the reef and continued to drill 300 feet of Reefal/A1Carb (reef edge) before encountering the reef. We drilled 275 feet of reef before exiting the reef and drilling the regional A1C. The reef edge had good shows of oil and gas, but was tight which is typical of an edge well; of the Niagaran in Southern Michigan. Based on the wellbore and lithology, it was easy to determine that we drilled the northeast edge of the reef.
We purchased 3 seismic lines that traversed the anomaly as mapped from our existing seismic, and those lines confirmed the reef with 10 MS thickening of the A2-Clinton interval.
Danmark Energy has 25% working Interest available for sale on a “Cost Basis”. Approximately $1.0M cost to date. Based on the anomaly’s aerial extent, pay thickness, and porosity; this reef should have approximately 1,000,000 barrels of recoverable reserves”


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