• June 9, 2022 4:41 pm

”2 leases for sale currently producing 7-8 bopd. The first lease is 60 acres with 32 total wells (18 producing wells, 14 injection wells). Currently making 3-4 bopd from 12 wells (14 are equipped, 2 needing pulled). The second lease is 80 acres with 47 total wells (24 producing wells, 23 injection wells). Currently producing 4-5 bopd from 12 wells (15 are equipped, 3 needing pulled). These leases are adjacent to each other.

Both leases need significant improvements to the waterfloods. At the moment we are utilizing less than 20% of total injection wells due to plugged lines, wells needing washed, etc. Neither lease has ever had individual lines ran to injection wells, so a controlled waterflood would provide huge production benefits. Also, both leases are needing several wells re-drilled, many of which are in prime locations.

In addition to the oil potential, these leases are located just a few miles outside of Gardner, KS, a growing suburb of Kansas City, and also only a few miles away from the Kansas City Logistics Park, an area where property is constantly being purchased at a premium and developed for industrial purposes. As these areas continue to grow, so does the possibility of a future buyout.

Both leases are 100% WI, 82.5% NRI.

Asking Price: $400,000

Please contact me if you are interested.”


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