• June 8, 2022 10:53 am

3 small adjacent shallow well leases in district 7B. (Post 03711 100%WI 87.5% NRI), Harris 03708, Hatkins 03705 100% WI 91% NRI)
The Post lease is in excellent condition with extensive work done over the last year. This includes a complete workover with a new large pump installed. new tank battery and lots of roustabout work. This little lease produces consistently 2 barrels per day like clock work. We tested using the Harris well (on adjacent lease) as a waterflood setup and in one day the Post well produced 22 barrels. I have not had the time to complete that setup but I would highly recommend that to the future buyer. The Harris lease has two wells, but currently not producing. on the first Harris well we did a complete workover on it in 2020 and installed a new pump but I believe it currently has a hole in the tubing and needs to be pulled. The Harris lease we have not pulled any of the wells yet. The tank battery setup, flow lines and pump jacks were all carefully gone through and everything is in really good shape. Overall this little package has current production and with access to a small pulling unit and a little bit of work the production could be increased.


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