• June 8, 2022 11:32 am

“Our Group is excited to announce we are going to drill the fifth well of the “”Taylor Made”” oil drilling project.

We have drilled 4 successful oil wells on the Taylor lease in Metcalfe County Kentucky, all striking oil in two zones around 600′ deep and also at 655′. We have high hopes of producing out of 2 or more pay zones on the 5th well. These wells are totally turn key, everything is completely done with no additional costs to the investor.

We do offer a minimum monthly pay back to our first time investors. At the very least you will receive annual returns of 10% of your total investment until you have the entire principal back, even on a dry hole. Our Group is a debt free company and plans to remain that way.

A full share with 9.09% working interest in the well is $25,000, you can purchase 1 share, multiple shares or as low as a 1/4 share for $6,250.00.”


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