• June 10, 2022 5:38 am

”The project is at industry price @ 165k per 2,000′ well in a proven field.

The geologist worked for Hunt Oil and Marathon for over 30 years’. He has drilled 300 wells in the area still receiving checks from wells drilled in the 80s.

The operator has drilled over 1,500 wells in the area with only 2 dry holes. This would be impossible in areas like Texas as the unique formation does not need an anticline to produce. Similar to the massive resource play like shale only higher porosity making it near impossible to hit a dry hole. New laws have passed not allowing 300,000 gallon fracs in NY pushing out the big boys and opening the door to smaller wells as we only need 200,000 gallon fracs.

We’re offering fractional positions.”


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