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”Projected returns on 1.5 BOPD per well and $90 oil
One Unit at $22,000 would pay out $3,722 Monthly, a 180% annual return.

We have started the work and revenue is currently going out. New Investors will start earning revenue immediately and can expect first check within 60 days.

The ROI after the first year is estimated to be 99% with a relatively flat decline curve. This type of formation provides longevity with some of the wells in the area producing for over 20 years.

We seek to raise $1,020,000 to rework the 85 wells at an average cost of $12,000 per well. This cost includes replacing pumpjacks and steel rods and tubing on several wells in addition to cleaning and treating the wellbores. An additional $40,000 to repair the injection wells. At $22,000/unit each unit representing 1.5% WI before payout and 1.25% WI after payout. Completion of the wells will include the refurbishment of current downhole conditions as well as the perforation of current zones.

Completion of the wells will include the refurbishment of current downhole conditions as well as the perforation of current zones. The wells are drilled to the Bartlesville Sands located at approximately 800 to 1200’ with a thickness between 8-15′ and up to 35′ on the Aluwee lease. According to a third-party engineering report, initial flush has yielded 15 to 30 BOPD from new wells in the area. We anticipate reworking the wells in 3 months.

“WAG” ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY (Water Alternating Gas)

After opening the formation, the next step is to balance the formation pressure to optimize
recovery. The Chappell Maddux is a water driven formation. The lease was previously set up to
waterflood by injecting water through injection wells to push oil toward producing wells. We
intend to reestablish the water flood and enhance it with nitrogen.

GASGUN Military Ballistics Meets Oil Field

Enhanced Stimulation Technology GasGun propellant enhanced stimulation technology is
designed and proven to lower total cost of operations and improve the profitability of open
and cased hole producing and injection wells.

– Create fractures up to 50 ft in every perforation tunnel
– Replace acid or improve the effectiveness of acidizing
– Replace or improve small to medium size frac jobs
– Minimize vertical migration out of zone
– Bypass nearbore damage
– Removesskin from perforators, drilling, cement, etc.
– Increase overall production


We will replace the conventional rod, tubing and pumpjacks with a submersible pneumatic pump system. Unlike conventional pumpjacks, the system has no electrical connections, no moving parts above
ground and is maintenance free. In addition, the pump system has an advanced software
interface that proactively updates production and well status real time. The pump system dramatically lowers the lift cost of oil in shallow wells making oil profitable even down to $20 per barrel. It is powered by a simple air compressor, non-reactive polyvinyl floats and standard poly tubing. A single field person can maintain up to 100 wells using a cellphone application that monitors well status and fluid production.


Technology has made the recovery and SALE of these recovered vapors an additional source of income as opposed to a required expense. The vapors that can be recovered and sold for $5,000 to $50,000 per month.”


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