• June 10, 2022 6:04 am

”This sight has 40 wells from which 13 are producing and other 27 need to be reworked. You will
see approved 65 drilling location including how much it will cost to drill and expected
production. The spacing is 10 acres per well so 260 more wells can be drilled. There are many
depths this location from 400 feet all the way to 7000 feet. The purchase price include 100%
working interest & 80 %NRI. The reserves are come out to over 6,000,000 million barrels this is
just from 2400 acres which has the geology report. The Potential buyer will get additional 1000
acres with another large amount Oil in Reserves that are doubled in reserves or more than the
2400 acres reserves amount. JV with the owner or Purchas option”


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