• June 9, 2022 2:22 am

This high-tech startup is dedicated to disrupting the US $200B+ equine industry. The company has already introduced an innovative and successful technology product that significantly reduces both the rehabilitation time and incident of injury in sport-horses worldwide. They are also commercializing an innovative D2C SaaS platform from which meaningful horse performance and wellness data can and for the first time, be collected and analyzed. They have developed these products in a capital-efficient manner by successfully leveraging existing human medical and material science advances, as well as existing sensor designs and data collection techniques. The company has repurposed them to address this attractive but under served market.

By 2022 they intend to be the dominant data analytics, health and performance optimization platform in the horse world. With their patented technology, product portfolio, recurring-revenue business model and experienced management team, they are poised to “Pelton-ize” the horse industry.

The equine industry represents an affluent, massive, but underpenetrated market. To illustrate, in any given year, approximately 27 million Americans will ride a horse. Yet product and technology investment in the equine industry lags behind its counterparts, despite the opportunity. In the US alone, horse owners will deploy in excess of $80B in economic output on approximately 9M horses, with emphasis on racing, polo, eventing, dressage, cross-country and rodeo disciplines. Overall, the equine industry contributes in excess of $215B to the US GDP and over $600B (est.) worldwide.


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