• June 9, 2022 4:43 pm

”Our firm has developed the North Bayou Teche Prospect #1 from 3-D seismic owned by our company. The prospect is a salt cored horst block separated from the Marge A pool on the Iberia Dome by a known to the Northeast fault. It is expected to be productive from 240 acres from depths between 9,000′ and 11,500′. Reserves estimated for the prospect were taken by examining the adjacent producing block and extrapolated to the block. A quick analog production run indicates that the block should produce greater than 10 million bbls of oil and 10 Bcfg. Looking in the general area at recoverable reserves and utilizing 180 acres and, 340′ of net sand and 500BO/ac ft. yields 30 million bbls and 30 Bcfg. This is a reasonable number for expected reserves. Examples of rates on just the upper Marg sand are confirmed by offsett production from one on the Major Industry Players. This shows rates in the Marge A upper sand shown on our cross section as the __X__ well top thin sand perforated from 9,266″”to 9,292′ as being 327BOPD and 200,000cuft gas/day. Other wells in the adjacent fault separated unit ranged from 327 BOPD to 614 BOPD and associated gas.


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