• June 9, 2022 3:31 am

”Hajek Seven Property is the Perfect entry level property.

The day you take ownership is the day you start making a double-digit return!

Lot 1 – 1 Net Mineral Acre of Royalty Interest.
Producing now with a big upside of PDP for additional wells!

2021 Production 5009 BOP and 122,254 MCF

First well went online in September 2017.
More wells are expected in the near future which could more than double the income of this asset.

Over $16,000 in PDP per acre in the Mississippian with Woodford, Springer and other zones to be added at a later date.

Listing is for 1 acre with 2 acres available.

Our Group offers:
• Royalty Income that is Deeded and recorded at the County Courthouse just like your house.
• This property that has a Billion Dollar company doing all the work for you.
• Access to property with a Billion Dollar Company working on your property and paying you a monthly Royalty Income.
• Royalty Income which is a passive activity.
• Royalty Income which is paid from Gross Revenue.
• Property that starts generating You a royalty income that day you take ownership.

There are millions of dollars of oil and gas in the ground. We know this because these huge companies are investing tens of millions of dollars to get it out. Your Royalty Income could go on for 50 to 100+ years or more.

Acquiring Mineral Properties has typically not gone outside the Oil & Gas industry and has often been limited to families that have inherited the property, large companies, Wall Street funds and the extremely rich. Our Group is changing this; one person at a time.

Contact us right away so you can take advantage of this monumental opportunity!”


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