• June 9, 2022 3:10 am

”Lease: JW McFarlane (06172)
Operator: adenRyen, Ltd. Co. (007891)
District: 7B
County: Callahan, TX

We would be willing to sell 100% of everything for $500k

Or, for $225k, I’d be willing to give up Operations (which would come with 18 investors), along with 100% interest in the Leases (320 acres). This would also include 43.75% Working Interest and 7.6875% Carried Working Interest in 10 Oil wells, 4 Injection wells, 1 water supply well, and all associated equipment. In addition, you would receive 55.125% Working Interest and 9.167% Carried Working Interest in 4 Oil wells and 1 Injection well, and all associated equipment (these wells were drilled in 2014).

We have a nice Geology packet that would make raising money for new wells easy. There is room to drill 30+ shallow wells. The equipment alone is worth $200k+.

We have had this lease producing as much as 22 BOPD. Currently, many of the wells are shut-in due to the need for minor repairs (tubing pumps, etc.). I am about to get a few of the main producers back pumping, which should result in selling at least 1 load of Oil per month.

After speaking with a Petroleum Engineer, if someone were to focus on waterflooding the lease correctly, I have no doubt they would consistently produce 20 BOPD.

I have an equipment list and Geology packet I can provide to serious parties.

For the right price, I would consider selling my Operating company as well. It has 8 years of operating history and a good reputation in the area.”


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