Security Token Offerings

What is STO ?

Security Tokens are digital securities or digital financial assets that represent the value of tradable assets (securities) such as real estate or gold. A Security Token Offering or STO refers to the process of trading Security Tokens in exchange for funds from investors for a new project or company. Security Tokens must be compliant with federal regulations of specific regions. Owing to the liquidity and features of security tokens, more blockchain startups are now choosing STO to build investors’ trust in their projects. Security Token Offering (STOs) a much hyped business of this year, seems arresting interest of the people in the panorama of Cryptocurrency. It has become so popular that industry experts are seeing this as next market mover, having capability to capture a multi-trillion market.

Why STO ?

Types of STO

1. Equity Token

Token owner enjoys same rights as company. With this token you can executes the distribution of dividents very easily.

2. Reverse Asset Tokens

Companies which trade in real-world commodities like Gold, Real Estate etc., can launch an STO through us where the tokens are backed by your reserve of the said assets.

3. Debt Token

The best way to raise fund which promises payback to its holders, this form of token is indispensable to startups as well as investors equally.

Bizugo Exchange Platform

Security Token Issuance via blockchain technology is the alternative solution to raising capital. Security Token’s properties and smart contracts can be programmed for any business and industry. Examples spanning from REIT’s, Venture Funds, CBD Markets and more.

We provide a bespoke platform enabling issuers to tailor fit their security tokens for investors on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our platform includes features such as:

Sign up/Log in with email and 2FA verification

Client KYC/AML verification

Dashboard overview of capital raise

Web-based platform (Worldwide Coverage)

Payment Gateway – Paypal, Bank Transfer

Investor qualification and Onboarding

Bespoke STO Smart Contracts

Multi-Blockchain Ethereum Support (compliant)

Dedicated Technical Customer Support

This mass adoption of tokenisation and Blockchain technology is due to the cost and time efficiency in comparison to the traditional methods such as IPOs with the potential of costing your business up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Additional functionality for our platform can be added based on your requirements, please contact a member of our team for a bespoke package.

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