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Bizugo.com performs taxonomy document conversions for SEC submission in XBRL & iXBRL format for your business at a competitive rate with no additional costs for filings for a fixed rate of $4,995 per year.

This service includes all SEC financial reports (10-k,4k,8-k etc.) for you to remain current on your fillings as well as IPO
and registration statements. Unlimited revisions and top-tier proofs.

Our specialist technical team available throughout your subscription period, who will liaise with you and appointed staff to ensure you’re covered for all of your submissions.

A standard compliance filling should come with a standard service. Sign up with us to streamline your process, saving you time and reducing costs on your XBRL fillings.

Our XBRL filing service is a full-service solution providing conversion of financial statements of your company into XBRL formats that are compliant with the SEC, US GAAP as well as IFRS taxonomies. 

Within our all-inclusive service, our clients are relieved from hiring and training new staff. We do not have hourly fees or hidden charges. Our clients enjoy the cost savings while our dedicated project managers host and manage your XBRL filing from start to finish.

iXBRL decreases filing preparation costs, improves the quality of structured data, and by improving data quality, increase the use of XBRL data by investors and other market participants.

We check each page three times prior to sending proofs to ensure that information is accurate. In addition, we ensure that your filing is presented professionally by including quality enhancements such as row shading, hyperlinking, graphic insertions and more. Our experts are capable of adding any and all quality enhancements as permitted by SEC rules.

We offers a full-service Section 16 filing platform that allows officers, directors, shareholders and firms to create, manage and file Section 16 documents (Forms 3, 4 and 5). Our turnkey solution provides you with the dedicated support in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Key Section 16 benefits

✔ No software or installation required

✔ We store relevant form data in our system

✔ Convenient e-mail distribution of proofs

✔ Acceptance notifications sent via email

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