Become a fully reporting & trading OTC Public Company with Unlimited XBRL, SEC submissions & revisions from $4995 per year.

Who we are offers an array of services, tailored to meet the needs of each individual business. Our specialized services offer hybrid solutions to the unique challenges faced by businesses. These include, IPO’s, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Placement Memorandums, Investor Relations, SEC filings and more.

We understand that the IPO process can be confusing, and completing all of the required documents can be tedious, time consuming and stressful. We strive to simplify the process, minimizing the time it takes to complete the process, while reducing costs whenever possible.

Our Services


Whether your company is looking to draft a PPM, has already begun drafting one, or is simply looking to have a completed PPM reviewed, Bizugo can help to ensure that SEC requirements are met, while minimizing both challenges, and questions..

IR Campaign

Our database of 1620 registered FINRA member Broker Dealer Firms facilitates relationship building, and effectively works to generate  indications of interest for capital raises, brand awareness, and   potential partnerships.

Public Companies

Consulting with you through the entire IPO process, ensures that we deliver a product that reflects your businesses’ core values,  products and services. We will draft necessary registration statements. We will seek to obtain…


STO and blockchain technology is the alternative solution to raising capital. Security Token’s properties and smart contracts can be programmed for any business …

XBRL edgarizes documents for SEC submission in XBRL at a competitive rate with no additional costs for filings. A standard compliance document …

Our Process

Our process ensures that we deliver successful results to every client.

Initial contact

We will address general questions and gather basic due diligence to help propose the best deal structure, and available options for your business.

Sructuring Your Deal

We will consult with you to ensure that we fully understand your business, your goals, and needs, so that we can offer the best solution for your business.  

Proposal Docs

Upon execution of agreement, consulting fees are due within the designated timeframe, and the due diligence process will be initiated by a member of our team.

Project Engagement

We formally assign a team to your project, which will handle drafting of PPM’s, SEC and FINRA filings, and other responsibilities- specific to each project. 

IR Campaign

If engaging in an IR campaign, we will generate indications of interest for funding from over 1600 licensed Broker/Dealers to help your deal get funded promptly. 


All contracts and agreements will be executed. All deliverables will be fulfilled and approved by both parties, and all final edits complete.  

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